ISHIR Mobile App Support services ensures that your mobile app always stays up-to-date. We maintain your mobile app's usefulness to its users through ongoing maintenance, OS upgrades, bug support, feature updates, UX improvements and bug testing process.

Your Trusted Mobile App Development Partner

We are passionate about how mobile apps are changing the way we live. We craft beautiful, custom, innovative, high-end, well thought out, branded mobile solutions that make a positive impact to our daily lives and transform your business.

We start with your vision and positive change your mobile app will bring to the users. We understand your unique requirements, mobile technologies that fits your needs, your budget and on top of that best practices in UX and UI Design, Development, Testing and Quality Assurance. We collaborate with you and together we push the limits.

The Right Mobile App Support Team

ISHIR Mobile App development team has the skill and smarts needed to keep your mobile app relevant and updated. Keeping your mobile relevant to its end-users requires vision, product life-cycle experience and skills. We are intelligent, fearless, curious, flexible, smart-working and funny. As a result, we always stay on top of mobile technology trends and we can handle all your mobile app support needs.

Mobile App Maintenance & Support Services

New Features & Upgrades

Be ready for the next mobile app release by having the right team adding new app features and user experience (UX) updates that will enhance your existing mobile application.

Application Porting

Having your mobile app performing great in one Mobile App Store may not be enough to reach your user base. ISHIR Mobile App porting capabilities will come in use when you are ready to make your existing app available on all other mobile operating platforms. We can convert your Mobile App built on Apple iOS and port it to Android. We can also port the mobile app from Cross Platform to Native.

Support New Mobile Devices

As mobile app technology is evolving, device manufacturers are bringing new devices to the market with different specs and capabilities, screen sizes, hardware features and form factors. At ISHIR, we make sure you are always ready to leverage the newest innovation in hardware by enhancing your mobile app.

Mobile App Store Management

Avoid loss of information and clutter by having us to take care of your app within the App Stores with up-to-date product information, mobile app marketing, analytics and statistics and accurate reporting of your mobile app’s performance.


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Types of Mobile Application Support Models

All our mobile app support models are suitable for ongoing support of existing applications and feature upgrades.

Bucket of Hours

With this model, you pay in advance for a bunch of hours at a reduced hourly rate.

Time & Material (T&M) Hours

With this model, you will receive an invoice on a bi-weekly basis on actually work done.

Dedicated Team

With this model, ISHIR will establish a dedicated team of mobile development specialists that will enhance the mobile app and resolve bugs on an ongoing basis. A monthly flat rate for the team is billed at the end of the month.

Mobile Development Process







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